For Saturday, August 24

A message from Kevin Spencer

For Saturday, August 24th, we will discuss Catharine Malabou’s What Should We Do with Our Brain?

The book is an attempt to reconcile advances in neuroscience with a political emancipation. In short, Malabou wants us to understand (a) what does neuroscience tell us about how the brain works and (b) how can we apply this knowledge to our social-political existence. One of the keywords for Malabou is “plasticity.”

The argument of the book is only 82 pages, so I will try to summarise the entire thing and ask questions. If you do not have time to read the entire thing, try reading just the introduction. It’s not very difficult, and it’s only 14 pages long.

Catharine Malabou is a French philosopher who writes about neuroscience, Hegel, and psychoanalysis. She also co-wrote a book with Jacques Derrida (who, along with Jean-Luc Nancy, oversaw her dissertation).


4 thoughts on “For Saturday, August 24

  1. Hi Astrid,

    It’s an announcement to anyone who wants to come. We will meet this Saturday, August 24th in the meeting room of the Dunkin Donuts outside exit 6 of Gangnam station.


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