December 14th Meeting

We will meet at 4:00pm on December 14th at The Boiling Pot in Sinchon (Click here for directions).

We are still reading Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, and last time we stopped at paragraph 190. We discussed taking a break from reading the book in order to consider the impact of Hegel’s writing on self-consciousness on later thinkers. To that end, here are some suggestions about how we might proceed. The idea is that various participants will each choose one thinker and provide some overview about that thinker’s engagement with Hegel regarding self-consciousness, recognition, life, desire, the master-slave dialectic–basically anything that appears in “B. Self-Consciousness” of the Phenomenology. In order to ensure some consistency between discussions and overall unity, how about we try to follow a few guidelines.

1. Please indicate by writing a comment to this post which thinker/text you will discuss. You do not need to include your own name, but putting the thinker/text name will prevent awkward duplications (and as we have seen in self-consciousness, duplication is often tantamount to negation).

2. Bring some passages of the original text to the meeting. Although we will not have time to read various thinkers thoroughly, having some small excerpts of original texts will ground our discussion.

3. If you choose to write a script, try not to exceed 1500 words.


4 thoughts on “December 14th Meeting

  1. I will discuss Hans Georg Gadamer’s essay “Hegel’s Dialectic of Self-consciousness” from his book _Hegel’s Dialectic: Five Hermeneutical Studies_

  2. I’ll do two short things – finish paragraphs 191-196, and a quick summary of Lacan’s comments in “The Function and Field of Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis”.

  3. I will present on Butler’s chapter on Hegel in _The Psychic Life of Power_; and/or Zizek’s in _Tarrying with the Negative_.

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