Seoul LGBT/Feminist Reading Club

The LGBT/Feminist Club is on indefinite hiatus.  Apologies.

We meet at 4:00 PM in a meeting room which is inside the Dunkin’ Donuts just outside of exit 7 (formerly exit 3) from Gangnam station (Green line). The Dunkin’ Donuts shop is about 80 to 100 steps along the sidewalk as you leave exit 7.

WHO and WHAT are we?

We are a group of expats who like to talk about LGBT and Feminist issues and how these issues affect our lives and our societies.

IMPORTANT!! Every lesbian, gay, bisexual, both MTF and FTM transgender, transvestite, crossdresser, and every woman and her male associates (husband, boyfriend, just friend, whatever) are all welcome. But, a straight man must contact me by email first so that I can briefly interview with him.

Topics will comprehensively include Gender Theory, Woman’s Writings (and arts, films, et cetera), Gender Politics, and any Feminist-LGBT issues. Topics to be discussed will be drawn from among many sources including books, academic/professional papers, news articles, literary works and arts.

WHEN do we meet?

We try to meet every two weeks on Saturday at 4:00 PM. Please see our schedule.


The meetings start with a short introduction to the week’s topic and a consideration of some questions that I hope will expand your mind and make you go “hmm.” You are free to ask questions, answer questions or just listen. Please take a look at our past and future topics. You will see a list of our past topics with a link to the introduction and initial questions for that meeting.



4 thoughts on “Seoul LGBT/Feminist Reading Club

  1. Hello. I’m a recent NYC transplant here in seoul (expat). I believe I fit the requirements of being LGBTQ. but thought I would like to know more about this reading group. If you could contact me that would be super!

  2. Hi Wonochawon! I’m sorry to say the LGBT club does not meet anymore, but the other half is still up and running if you’re interested.

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