Seoul Contemporary Philosophy Club

We’re a group of people that enjoy discussing philosophy.  We strive for the best of both worlds: a genuine interest in contemporary philosophy expressed in (relatively) casual conversation over coffee.


For topics, location, dates, and everything else, go to our page.


31 thoughts on “Seoul Contemporary Philosophy Club

  1. Hi Laura,

    There will be a short hiatus on meetings. I’m heading back to Canada for January and February. We will start again in March.

    If you’d like to be on the mailing list, email me at and I’ll let you know when the next meeting is.

    There is also a feminist philosophy club that meets in Gangnam, every other Saturday. If you email me, I’ll get you attached to that mailing list, if you wish.

    Thanks for the interest

  2. Hi! I am interested in philosophy and would like to know more about your meetings. Are you going to have a regular meeting in April? ls there any reading that I need to do in order to participate in your discussuion?

  3. Hi Hyeyoung,

    We will be meeting this Saturday, April 6. We will be in a meeting room in a Dunkin Donuts by exit 6 of Gangnam station at 4:00.

    We’ll be discussing Jean-Paul Sartre’s essay “Existentialism is a Humanism.” You don’t need to do any reading; I’ll write a summary like the ones on the blog for us to discuss. Usually I offer to send around a pdf or .mobi file of the book we’re discussing, but this time I only have a physical copy of the book. I think it should be easy to find a copy on the internet, if you’re curious.

    IF you’d like to be added to the mailing list for more updates, email me at

    I hope to see you there!

  4. Hi Michelle! We’ll be meeting Saturday, June 15 at 4:00 at the Dunkin Donuts outside exit six of Gangnam station. i would be great to have you there!

  5. Hello hello! Is this group still running? An intellectual outlet in Seoul would be amazing ~~

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