Divine Inexistence & “Spectral Dilemma”

Originally discussed on May 5, 2012

Meillassoux’s first principle is factiality: contingency is the eternal and absolute truth of all things.  Any and every thing can exist, not exist, or exist differently, and all things can change from one of these states to another for no reason.  The principle of factiality stands in sharp opposition to contemporary philosophy’s fiercely feigned indifference towards the questions of absoluteness and a world outside human thought.

In the essay “Spectral Dilemma” and some released excerpts from his still unpublished book Divine Inexistence, Meillassoux opposes factiality to feigned indifference towards another topic: the capital-G Good.  For some time now, philosophy – so far as it refuses the religious answers of a Levinas – has been attempting to describe an ethics that would not be beholden to an absolute Good.  Meillassoux seeks to end this refusal.

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