What is It To Live?

This is the reading for June 2nd. We will meet in Itaewon at Bless U at 4:00.

“Several times in its brief existence, every human animal is granted the chance to incorporate itself into the subjective present of a truth.  The grace of living for an Idea, that is of living as such, is accorded to everyone and for several types of procedures.”

“I am sometimes told that I see in philosophy only a means to reestablish, against the contemporary apologia of the futile and the everyday, the rights of heroism.  Why not?  Having said that, ancient heroism claimed to justify life through sacrifice.  My wish is to make heroism exist through the alternative joy which is universally generated by following consequences through.  We could say that the epic heroism of the one who gives his life is supplanted by the mathematical heroism of the one who creates life, point by point.”

– Logics of Worlds, pg 514

The above quotes nutshell Alain Badiou’s answer to the question of the good life.  His project is the re-assertion of truths against the enforced banality of everyday life.  Over the next few meetings, we’ll be discussing the themes in these passages.  Today, we will look at Badiou’s concept of living for a truth, as compared to average everydayness.

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